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Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson – Co-Founder/Director

Sean has a diverse history of developing team cohesion and leading Special Operations forces within some of the world's most challenging regions. He spent more than 13 years within Australia's 2nd Commando Regiment, completing seven tours in combat zones including Iraq and five operational deployments to Afghanistan. Sean has led elite military forces from around the world during multi-national Special Operations and has planned and led successful counter-narcotics missions alongside members of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

In the early days of his career Sean was recognized for his ability to inspire those around him and was subsequently nominated for Australia's highest junior military leadership award. In 2011, Sean received a commendation for leadership as a result of his actions after he was wounded in combat. It was during intense combat operations that Sean developed his highly successful strategy of leadership by example and empowerment. His ability to build and shape high-performance teams has allowed organizations that he has been a part of to achieve exceptional levels of success. He has developed team cohesion programs for multi-national financial institutions within Australia. In his final year of military service, Sean was responsible for leadership and operational planning development for the next generation of junior officers, ensuring they were mission capable during future Special Operations deployments.

Sean co-founded Take Point in 2014 with a vision to empower his clients with the same precision team building and leadership philosophies that allowed him to achieve success during his Special Operations career. He is committed to supporting injured veterans and the families of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Sean is an active member of the International Leadership Association. He holds a master’s degree in Counter-Terrorism studies, is studying for his second advanced degree, and also holds a Diploma of Management. Sean has lectured at international security conferences and contributes articles to international security magazines. He lives with his wife and dog in Lincoln, NE.


Aaron Summers

Aaron Summers - Co-Founder/Athletics Director

Aaron served 10 years with the Australian Army, five of which as a team leader in support of the Special Air Service Regiment as a communications expert. Aaron’s military career included four combat tours, including Iraq in 2007, as Battle Group Patrol communicator and three tours in Afghanistan with the Australian Special Operations Task Force, in 2009, 2010 and 2011/12. During deployment in Afghanistan, Aaron designed and led the installation of a large-scale wireless, self-sustaining surveillance video network for the Afghan National Army. Having spent more than 1000 days operating within the Middle East, Aaron has developed a thorough, first-hand understanding of the necessity of precise teamwork and inspired leadership required for effective mission success in high threat environments.

Aaron served nine years as a regiment Combat Fitness Leader and brings this experience in physical fitness, mental toughness and team unity principals to help create the Take Point difference in leadership and team building development. During his military career, Aaron was responsible for maintaining the fitness levels of up to 200 soldiers to ensure combat readiness and effectiveness at all times—a role that also carried over into operational deployments.

Aaron is completing his Exercise and Sports Science degree with a major focus on Sports Psychology. He has worked closely with multiple sporting associations, ranging from junior peewee development to professional athletes, as well as with private clients. Aaron’s lifetime of sporting involvement, dedication to exercise and fitness, high regard for consistent and continual personal improvement, experience in leadership and military background have helped shaped the Take Point ethos.


Other Exceptional Staff

Other Exceptional Staff

The Special Operations community is full of remarkable individuals who all have a story to tell and different, valuable perspectives on Special Operations leadership and team development. Take Point calls on our network as needed to assist with the delivery of leadership and team building packages. We also have a number of successful businessmen and women who love to share their stories with like-minded people, providing your company with another perspective on leadership in the workplace.


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