Black Ops

Black Ops was designed for the specific purpose of empowering your employees with the same dynamic and combat proven mission focus, team cohesion and leadership evolution principals that saw our former Special Operations staff perform in the top 1% of their field. Dare to take your group to the next level with adrenaline pumping, Special Operations mission profiles that promise to pull you from your comfort zone and deliver you at unparalleled personal reward and corporate achievement. You and your employees will step into the shoes of a Special Operations team as you operate behind enemy lines whilst being mentored by former Special Operations professionals including Navy Seals, Rangers, and Australian Special Operators on topics such as building team unity, management task alignment, organisation-wide leadership development and overcoming adversity to achieve success.


Athletic Edge

Athletic Edge is a program designed to bridge the gap between talent and success in professional and semi-profession sporting teams. Sporting competition is much like combat in that two teams face off, both highly trained and both equally equipped with weapons. The difference between any two sides on an even playing field comes down to the calibre of leadership and the unity of the team. TAKE POINT delivers this advantage.


Dynamic Conferencing

Break from the mould of boring, death-by-PowerPoint presentations at your company’s next convention. Dynamic Conferencing utilizes the highest caliber former military speakers who align their inspirational, informative and motivational presentations to your company’s objectives and event theme, combined with a fun an engaging ‘Jason Bourne’ oriented counter-espionage operation that takes place in and around the host city, encapsulating true team building and leadership principals through the required use of outside-the-box thinking, high-pressure decision making, clear and concise communications and laser mission focus.


Take Point Charities

Our charitable programs are an end to end experience that sees your team act as the fiscal donor, actively participate in the ‘people power’ component of the project, and see first hand the rewards and smiles of your company’s direct involvement. We organise the project for you, but as it is your actual employees who are involved on the ground there is also significant team unity rewards. We organise programs that directly benefit the veteran community such as home renovations and backyard blitzes, bringing together your corporate team and put a smile on the faces of those that need it most. Click below to discover more about these amazing initiatives that give back to our amazing injured servicemen and their families.



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