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Black Ops

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Black Ops FAQs

  • Are Black Ops programs suitable for participants of all ages and physical abilities?

    Black Ops programs are immersive and experiential indoor and outdoor programs ranging in duration from one to three days (and nights). They are designed to challenge each team member mentally and, to some extent, physically, so that the team comes together to accomplish its mission. We can customize each package to ensure that it matches your team’s overall goals and general fitness level. Teams are provided with equipment and Special Operations leaders to provide coaching and support. There are physical activities that require a “can-do” attitude and a minimum level of mobility. Team activities may include riding in open-air vehicles over rough terrain, abseiling/rappelling, walking or running short distances, carrying or helping to carry equipment, paddling watercraft in slow-moving water, and an optional tandem skydive.
  • Is Black Ops only offered in Boulder, or can we schedule a Black Ops program for our team elsewhere?

    The Colorado mountains and the open spaces surrounding Boulder are the perfect backdrop for our one-of-a-kind program. Currently, Black Ops is only offered in the Denver/Boulder area. All of the other Take Point programs can be hosted across the country. Contact us directly for specific info.
  • Our organization has never been involved in this type of team building exercise. What will the experience be like?

    Black Ops programs are a completely unique and thrilling way to engage your team, to build camaraderie and commitment, and to develop leadership skills. We believe that to bring out the best in people, you have to work with them outside their comfort zone. Black Ops is a crash courses in strategic planning, lateral thinking, efficient communications, crisis management, and collaboration. While we tailor our program to meet our clients’ goals, we understand this type of experience may not fit with all business cultures. However, if this type of experience DOES sound like your cup of tea—and we hope it does—here’s what you can expect (note: activities will vary based on team goals and duration or program):
    • Team missions that may include attacking an enemy position, hostage recovery, transport/extraction of key personnel.
    • Travel to and from secret locations in blacked-out vans, all-terrain vehicles, helicopters, charter aircraft, parachutes (tandem), kayaks, or snow mobiles.
    • Team meals and lodging.
    • Briefings, leadership coaching and mission planning support from Special Operations personnel.
    • Undercover Surveillance, reconnaissance, clandestine interaction and assault of key targets (actors working with Take Point).
    • Use of surveillance and Special Operations technology.
    • Pyrotechnics and fireworks to simulate combat.
  • Is Black Ops only for C-level executives or can our sales, marketing, technology and HR teams benefit as well?

    We believe that inspired leadership and precision teamwork should not be limited to C-level executives. Our programs are excellent tools for training and elevating the performance of staff in all departments and at all levels. We deliver broad inter-departmental benefits that transform individuals into high performing team members.
  • What measures are in place to give our board of directors’ peace of mind?

    Take Point and all our programs are fully insured. Our thrilling and highly effective programs simulate the stress and urgency of combat situations. They are planned and meticulously choreographed by experienced Special Operations veterans. Medical staff and emergency transportation will be on-hand during appropriate segments of the program.
  • Does Black Ops qualify for continuing education credits?

    Yes, all our programs are developed with the professional in mind. If continuing or professional education credits are required, we are happy to provide the necessary documentation.
  • How can the lessons we learn during Black Ops impact our teams once they’re back at work?

    Participating in a Black Ops program can be a transformational experience for business professionals who have never tested themselves in this way before. Under pressure, your teams will gain hands-on experience in short notice planning, task delegation, straight-forward communication, lateral thinking, problem solving, team work, personal empowerment, trust, and how to face and overcome fear. Pre-event planning with your organization includes detailed discussions of the issues you’d like to address and the goals you have for your team. The Black Ops program is then tailored to ensure we address those issues. While Black Ops features simulated conflict and combat scenarios, the lessons learned are applicable to business. We take time throughout Black Ops programs to help team members see the business application of the strategies and tactics they’re learning. Take Point’s Black Ops program also includes post-event follow up to ensure that key takeaways are making an impact within your organization. Finally, Take Point’s various products and services are designed to be progressive and complementary. The more we work together with your team, the deeper the overall experience and the more significant the positive behavior changes.
  • What will be tangible take-aways that I can implement in my company after we complete black ops?

    During Black Ops, we conduct a strength analysis of key team work and leadership metrics within your group. We then provide a customized tangible roadmap that enables the resolution of any shortcomings and also builds upon identified strengths. This roadmap can also be supported by follow up consultation with TAKE POINT staff at scheduled intervals.


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