Black Ops

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Black Ops

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Black Ops

“My own definition of leadership is this: The capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence.” —General George Patton

Black Ops was designed for the specific purpose of empowering your employees with the same dynamic and combat-proven principals used by the top 1% of the military, the Special Operations units. Dare to take your group to the next level with adrenaline pumping, Special Operations mission profiles that promise to pull them from their comfort zone and deliver unparalleled personal rewards and corporate achievement. Your team will be working together outdoors, in the elements, day and night to accomplish its mission.

You and your employees will meet their Take Point commanders in Boulder, Colorado. From the moment you arrive, you will step into the shoes of a Special Operations “Black Ops” team. You will be mentored by former Special Operations professionals including Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Australian Special Operators on topics such as building team unity, management task alignment, organizational leadership and overcoming adversity to achieve success. You will be given active targets to track as a team. These targets are intent on disrupting your corporate mission and it will be up to you to stop them. You will operate behind enemy lines, develop a plan of action based on intelligence, conduct missions to build a clearer picture of your threat, lock down the target location, and launch a self-planned operation to complete the mission. Not enough? The mission culminates with an adrenaline-pumping extraction out of the AO.

Activities are designed to be personally empowering and deliver organization-wide benefits including improvements to team dynamics, leadership, team management, mental fortitude, stress regulation, lateral thinking and initiative. The operating methods you learn from Special Operations leaders can be directly applied in your own business battle-space. The outcomes of the activities in the program aren't scripted and rely heavily on your own initiative, leadership and lateral thinking. We don't want to spoil the anticipation of the unknown, so we won’t lay out the program itinerary in detail, but rest assured Black Ops will challenge your resolve and mindset. It will shape your organization into a stronger, more resilient and cohesive group, full of confidence and ready to face your corporate battlefield.

Exciting Team Building in Colorado


  • Develop managers’ leadership, presentation, task allocation and team empowerment skills.
  • Build and maintain team and organizational unity.
  • Dominate your business battlefield.
  • Increase workplace retention rates due to increased morale, teamwork and leadership ability in the office.
  • Increase employee confidence.
  • Increase team cohesion and core team functionality.
  • Increase workplace productivity and output.
  • Create a fun, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime shared experience for your team.
What's included
  • A series of pre-program consultations and questionnaires to ensure that your program is tailored specifically for your organization and its needs.
  • Pre-program scenario build-up activities.
  • Accommodation, all meals and all travel to/from your location(s).
  • A range of high-end activities based on real-world Special Operations.
  • Former Special Forces operators to accompany and guide your team throughout the program, 24/7.
  • Support staff including drivers, actors and communications experts working behind the scenes to co-ordinate your program.
  • Exclusive property use in some of the most picturesque landscapes in Colorado.
  • End-of-program drinks (you will need them!), BBQ and debrief.
  • Detailed and continued follow up at designated increments to re-enforce key program takeaways.

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