Dynamic Conferencing

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Dynamic Conferencing

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Dynamic Conferencing FAQs

  • Are Dynamic Conferences purely lecture-based seminars?

    Not at all. Dynamic Conferencing is a combination of the highest caliber former military speakers who align their presentation to your company’s objectives combined with a fun an engaging ‘Jason Bourne’ style event that takes place in and around the host city and encapsulates true team building and leadership principals. During this Jason Bourne event participants will plan, orchestrate and execute a specific task that will culminate in a high-impact activity that focuses on lateral thinking and group unity. Dynamic Conferencing is designed for all fitness levels. Although activities are rewarding and exciting they are not physically demanding. Dynamic Conferencing will provide your group with an unforgettable experience and leave everyone with a smile on their face.
  • What topics or industries can your speakers address?

    Primarily Take Point’s speakers inspire and motivate. We translate our Special Operations experiences into engaging and entertaining speeches that are tailored to be relevant to your group. We have access to former both male and female Special Operations professionals who are now leaders in a broad range of industries including finance, non-profits, energy, IT and several others. If success in your industry or group requires dedication, drive, focus, discipline, flexibility, the ability to accept change, leadership or collaboration, then we can match an industry speaker with your organization’s objectives.
  • I would like to add a unique team building exercise during our President’s Club trip in Bermuda. Do you have programs for this type of off-site event?

    Absolutely. ‘Dynamic Conferencing’ programs are designed to perfectly compliment staff getaways, providing a rewarding and dynamic element to your company events.
  • I need more than just a keynote speaker. I need help planning a two-day event that will bring my team together, entertain them, train them, and give them a roadmap for change after the event. Can you help?

    Can we ever! Take Point’s Dynamic Conferences services include complete event design and implementation. We will meet with you to identify your challenges, learn about your organization and team, and identify desired outcomes. Then we’ll design an engaging and rewarding event custom-tailored for you to deliver those outcomes. We can work with your event planners or manage the entire experience for you.


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