Dynamic Conferencing

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Dynamic Conferencing

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Dynamic Conferencing

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”—Benjamin Franklin

Let the team at Take Point provide you with a truly unique, memorable and motivational experience at your next corporate conference. Dynamic Conferencing is the answer to boring lecture-driven corporate conventions. Take Point draws from a pool of the most inspirational, informative and motivational speakers, delivering engaging topics that align with your organizations objectives and event theme in a manner that is relevant and understandable.

Inspirational Speakers in Boulder

However, this is just the beginning. In true Take Point style you will escape from the conference room and forming small groups you will take part in a “Jason Bourne” style spy operation through the city. Your team will be required to work together and think outside the box to gather intelligence and unravel a sinister plot tracking and following key persons of interest as they move about and orchestrate plans of espionage against your company.

Dynamic conferencing will provide your group with an exciting, immersive and unforgettable experience that has real value to your company. Lateral thinking, high-pressure decision-making, precision communications and a need for compete mission focus are just a few of the attributes your group will adopt on their way to unyielding team unison and inspired leadership.Dynamic Conferencing is scalable to larger group sizes, available all year round and suitable to all ages, sex and fitness levels. We also deliver an event your staff will be excited about and begging to return to year in, year out. Packages range from 2-hour keynote speaking exclusive to 6-hour full mission profile. Also enquire about our Take Point themed full event coordination options.

Some of the many keynote address topics Take Point can discuss include:
  • Overcoming fear and adversity to achieve your goals.
  • Leadership in high-stress situations.
  • Developing mental toughness.
  • Maintaining team cohesion during periods of instability.
  • Special Operations personnel management principals.
  • Real-life combat principals that can be applied in the business world.
What's included
  • Access to our list of prestigious speakers across the United States
  • Motivational speaker for your corporate or social event
  • Post engagement Q&A with guest speakers
  • Engaging practical mission
  • Post operation debriefing session to evaluate and provide feedback on your mission
  • A truly unique experience

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