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Athletic Edge FAQs

  • I am the athletic director for a large university. How will Athletic Edge, with its military-based training concepts, benefit our student athletes?

    Team sports share many common traits with elite combat units. In both, you train with your team-mates to develop physical endurance, skill and mental acuity in order to out-perform and outwit your opponent. You rely on and are responsible to your team mates. You require and respond to strong leadership. Often you must be selfless, willing to make sacrifices and disciplined. And, like any sporting team, a military unit is a collection of individuals from diverse backgrounds that must be brought together and quickly unified to work together efficiently toward a common purpose. With Athletic Edge, athletes are empowered with the same warrior mindset that saw Take Point’s staff perform in the top 1% of their field. Your team will learn how to overcome adversity, motivate, lead and bond with those around them to achieve victory on and off the athletic battlefield.
  • How is Take Point’s Athletic Edge different from what my team’s coaches already do?

    Athletic Edge draws upon successful elements from Global Special Operations selection programs including Australian Special Forces, Rangers and Navy SEAL selection courses. We also include elements of real-life missions where teamwork was crucial for success. From this strong base, we have selected components that specifically benefit sporting teams, including activities to develop mental toughness, enhance discipline, create an unbreakable bond and also to motivate your players through real life combat stories.
    Whilst this is not a physical development program in a traditional sense, a number of the activities are designed to push your team through physical and mental boundaries. Through this adversity, your team will emerge as a ‘combat ready’ group through the application of warrior mindset principals. Further, our coaches all provide a unique perspective on leadership, goal setting and our ‘team not self’ philosophy. We also work to strengthen your teams leadership, and some elements of the program require team leaders to develop plans and brief their men, enhancing their confidence and increasing on field presence.I’m concerned that some of my players won’t ‘pass’ Athletic Edge.
  • Is there a pass mark?

    Although during Special Operations selection only a certain number of people pass, Athletic Edge doesn’t define or assess an individual’s performance, (unless you want us to) and there are no dropouts. Everyone starts, everyone finishes. We analyze team cohesion metrics and leadership potential to ensure the group is performing at an elite level, not individuals.
  • Is Athletic Edge just for athletes, or can coaches benefit, as well?

    Coaches can and are expected to benefit as highly as anyone from Athletic Edge programs. It is essential that coachers take an active observational role in our programs to ensure that the TAKE POINT team not self-philosophy is continued and employed throughout the competitive playing season. Athletic Edge provides coaches with alternate methods to train and develop their team unity through the use of elite principals and the application of combat-proven team cohesion and mental focus strategies, offering such coaches a rare and unmatched skillset to add to their coaching arsenal. I’m not part of a team sport but I’m training with a group that competes as individuals (a group training for a marathon, or a charity walk-a-thon, or a weight-loss competition).
  • Can Athletic Edge help my group prepare?

    Absolutely, any group training that you are currently undertaking can be enhanced by coming together as a close-knit element. Although you may be competing individually, team coherence and unity will raise the overall production of all group members resulting in a demand for the highest possible performance of all participants.
  • Is Take Point’s Athletic Edge program offered only in Colorado?

    Not by any means. Although running programs locally in Colorado has its advantages due to local knowledge and resources, we are more than happy to discuss bringing Athletic Edge to your location. Our programs are structured to be deliverable in any terrain or weather and easily deployed to regional destinations.


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