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Athletic Edge

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Athletic Edge

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” - Michael Jordan

Designed around the philosophy of Special Forces selection courses Athletic Edge combines mental toughness, lateral thinking, resilience and leadership to work through adversity, break down ego and build true team cohesion. The Athletic Edge program uses battle-proven team and leadership development methods to build camaraderie and culture, providing the crucial elements for team success and allowing you to 'edge up' on your sporting competition. Take Point offers a truly unique methodology to teamwork, leadership and group unity obtained and sharpened in the world’s harshest environments and is designed to provide your program with the skills, mindset, team cohesion and leadership required to achieve ultimate success.

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A word about exclusivity. A great coach does not share his game plan with every club in the district. Likewise, Take Point’s Athletic Edge develops a customized team-building program for your organization that will never be shared or repeated with your competitors. This exclusivity has been battle-proven to deliver increased team cohesiveness and an advantage over competitors—the global Special Forces community would NEVER share battle plans with the enemy. What good is building a second-to-none culture if the same package is delivered immediately to rivals? The Athletic Edge program focuses on strong ethical values including integrity, honesty and loyalty.

Athletic Edge packages are intense and inspirational, not intimidating. They will test your resolve; they will test you physically and mentally and they will remove you from the comfort of your standard routine. They will immerse you in an unfamiliar environment, in which your team must develop new strategies and a strong sense of cohesion to meet unique and unexpected challenges that will demand the highest levels of precision, coordination and leadership to achieve success. This is precisely the formula required to win national championships.

The experience will build a culture of close-knit brotherhood like that shared by Special Operations soldiers, fostering skills that transition from the battlefield to the playing field and to all aspects of life. Take Point creates a culture founded on the core values of camaraderie, discipline, communication, trust and commitment.

Sport Military Boot Camp in Denver

At a Glance
  • Available anywhere from single session packages to complete pre/mid season camps
  • Available year-round
  • Suitable for male and female sporting programs
  • High level of fitness recommended
  • Groups up to 50
  • Enquire about bringing Take Point Athletic Edge to you

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