Military Special Forces Meets Functional Fitness… at Altitude!

Following the awesome success of TACTICAL XF OP-1 SEAL Grinder PT, Aspen Crossfit and Take Point CO will be teaming up again to deliver another life changing event.

  • Do you have what it takes to exceed your perceived limits?
  • Are you willing to discover your true self and unlock new potential?

TACTICAL XF is an intricate combination of mental toughness, survival skills, navigation, physical training, and precision teamwork; an overnight camp that:.

  • Runs between 12-16 hours
  • Held at 8000+ feet
  • Utilizes the picturesque beauty of the Rockies.
  • Encompasses the values of CrossFit
Event starts at 6pm (MT) Saturday October 10 at Aspen CrossFit, Aspen, Colorado. Spaces are limited and going quickly so sign up now and guarantee your place. Take the TACTICAL XF challenge; break new boundaries and begin on a path to a more confident, stronger, and resilient YOU!

For more info call Aaron at 646.238.5286 or Erik at 970.948.4605

See the team from TXF-OP1 in action here.

I would like to thank Coach Brad, Coach Aaron, and Coach Erik for putting together an amazing event this past weekend. No stone was left unturned, and I believe every athlete was able to discover something new and inspiring about themselves. In the grand scheme of things, 16 hours isn't a very long time, but it can create an amazing foundation to build your life on going forward. I highly recommend this event to every athlete who wants to improve themselves not only physically, but to those who want to improve their character and mental capacity. Thanks again to all the coaches for all of their hard work, and attention to detail to make TXF OP1 such an enlightening experience.

Michael Holmes, TXF OP-1 participant

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