Tactical XF OP-1 After Action Review With Misty Sakala Featured

Coinciding perfectly with the first female Army Ranger graduates, Misty Sakala became the first, of many to come, female to complete Tactical XF in August.

Here’s Misty’s thoughts on the 16-hour event.

Bio: 39 year old female. Single mom of two. Director of Trauma and Emergency Services at Delta Hospital. Crossfit Coach and blogger!

Take Point: Have you always been involved in athletics?

Misty: Always loved athletics, not sure I would call myself athletic!

Take Point: How did you get into CrossFit?

Misty: Got fat after second pregnancy, got into endurance running and lost a lot of weight but never got strong. Saw a CrossFit video on YouTube and a new gym opened in our town, perfect timing!

Take Point: How did you hear about the TacticalXF event?

Misty: It was posted on the Aspen Crossfit facebook page and one of the other coaches I work with saw it.

Take Point: What was your driving force to take part in TXF?

Misty: I have been a follower of some of the SealFit training and really enjoyed it, read the Unbeatable Mind book and as soon as I heard about the event in Aspen I wanted to give it a shot.

Take Point: How did you train for the event?

Misty: Continued with my normal Crossfit training and added in more running.

Take Point: Tell us a little about the event?

Misty: It was very different than anything I have ever done before. I thought the combination of physical and mental events was very interesting and it was also really cool to walk away having learned some things that were real life relatable!

Take Point: What was the hardest part?

Misty: Hands down all the water. I do not swim and am pretty afraid of water. Just trying to make myself not turn away from being sprayed in the face with the hose was really hard. I am so very glad that I got this opportunity to really face on a fear of mine.

Take Point: What did you discover about yourself and what did you get out of doing the TXF event?

Misty: I am a bit of a control freak and realized that I probably would not have signed up had I known about the river crossing. It was good to sign up for something that I did not control the outcome of or even know what the outcome might be! I guess I learned I am at least a little tougher than I maybe thought!

Take Point: Would you have changed anything in regard to preparing for the event?

Misty: I felt the supply lists were somewhat misleading and could have been dialled in better. Having never done anything like this before it would have been good to know that my sleeping bag had to fit in my pack!! Consider it dialled

Take Point: Any tips for others looking to do TXF?

Misty: Just do it, its so worth it to step outside your box and challenge yourself.

Take Point: Any final words?

Misty: The coaches were fantastic, even while pushing and challenging you they were still very encouraging. I never felt like I was in danger or like they were just trying to beat us down. Everything seemed to have a purpose and a lesson attached to it. I really enjoyed the programming and was surprised by the things that challenged me most. I liked working with a partner who made me push harder than I might have on my own, and having a team that I felt responsible to, they made me want all of us to be successful. Overall this was such a beneficial event to take part in. I knew it would challenge me physically but the mental challenge was even greater and there were some great takeaways that I will put to use in my everyday life. Thanks so much to Take Point/TXF for a life changing 16 hours!

See Misty and the guys in action with this 30 second vid courtesy of the team at Aspen82.

TACTICAL XF is an intricate combination of mental toughness, survival skills, navigation physical training, and precision teamwork; an overnight camp that runs between 12-16 hours; held at altitudes in excess of 8000 feet. Be part of the next life changing TXF event.

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