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Take Point is strongly committed to supporting and giving back to the veteran community of Colorado and we are honoured to announce that the first of many charitable programs was completed this past Sunday.

The Vision

There are numerous companies in the US dedicated to providing support and assistance to veterans and all are making amazing contributions to a great cause. Take Point wanted to do something slightly different. At times, even with the support of great communities and organizations, it’s the simple things that can provide the greatest challenge for disabled vets. One such challenge is the ability to enjoy a day at the park with your children. If there happens to be a park nearby, access can often become an issue and what’s more an enjoyable day out with your family can easily become an uncomfortable experience with the stares of onlookers. For this reason Take Point decided to make a commitment toward building jungle gyms for veteran families to allow them to play together in the comfort of their own back yard.

The Family

From a list of very worthy recipients Take Point chose the Hinkhouse family, made up of former Marine and Iraq veteran Kade Hinkhouse, his amazing wife Becky, and their beautiful daughter Zoe to be the perfect beneficiaries of the first jungle gym project. Kade’s sacrifices for his country go above and beyond what any Marine should have to endure and a link to his story can be found here.

Through the loving support of his wife Becky and friends and family, Kade and the Hinkhouse family have persevered through unimaginable hardship and come out on top. Kade is now a tremendous father, loving husband and all-round great person thus making the Hinkhouse family the obvious choice for such a project.

The Project

The jungle gym was one of several elements of the project which also included a new concrete path for wheelchair access around the house and out to the play set as well as a new garden. Over the course of 5 days the project faced multiple challenges including severe rain, golf ball sized hail, blistering sun, tornado warnings, and flash flooding, yet all the volunteers poured blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into the event and worked through to achieve an amazing result that culminated with a BBQ and presentation Sunday afternoon. The support of the local community was overwhelming throughout the event and volunteers flocked to help out with everyone willing to get their hands (and shoes) dirty. A guest appearance from two of the Bronco’s Cheerleading squad capped off what was already an amazing weekend and brought even larger smiles to the faces of all the children. The joy such projects brings was evident in the fact that kids were climbing, jumping and sliding on play set well before construction was even finished.

Click here to see the full photo album.

The Support

The project could not have possibly gone ahead without the awesome effort from a lot of great people. Take Point would like to thank the following people and organizations for getting behind the event.

  • Firstly Christy Stover and the Semper Fi Fund. Without your support and financial backing none of this could have taken place.
  • Steve Lake, along with his crew, worked tirelessly around-the-clock building and supervising the entire project.
  • Colin and the rest of the concrete team for working through challenging conditions to construct the entire path in 2 days.
  • Home Depot for providing all the required supplies.
  • Subway for feeding a hungry team.
  • Cedar Works for an amazing jungle gym.
  • Kate and Katie from the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders who took the time to come down and support the project and put smiles on the faces of many children.
  • The team at Modus Law who were on board the project from the get go and came down to help out.
  • Sean Thompson who was pivotal in the organisation of the project in the early stages but could not be present due to commitments in Afghanistan.
  • All the volunteers who turned up over the course of the five days. Without your efforts we could not have accomplished such a large project. Special mentions to Jamie who made the long trip down from Aspen and Jack for his wonderful job as photographer.
  • Thank you also to all the people that donated to the project via Crowd Rise. Your generosity is humbling and I cannot thank any of you enough.
  • And most of all, a huge thank you to Tracy Keil and her family. This project and all the credit belong solely to you. Your tireless and unrewarded dedication to helping out veteran families cannot be overstated. The team at Take Point merely had a concept; your hard work and commitment made it a reality. We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you took in organizing this event and you should be extremely proud. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like the Keil’s.

Going Forward

Take Point intends to stay committed to supporting veterans and their families and we believe we are onto an awesome idea with the jungle gym concept. As previously stated we hope this will become the first of many such projects so keep an eye on this space for the next event. We have kept open the Crowd Rise donation page as we all post-even donations are still welcome. If any money is raised above the budget it will be put directly into the next great event.

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