How Military Group Fitness Can Improve Your Company Featured

The benefits of having healthy, fit and exercise enthusiastic staff within a workplace are seemingly endless and have been well documented in recent times.

At the individual level active and healthy employees demonstrate higher energy levels, increased focus and motivation, enhanced confidence and significantly lower levels of stress, as well as building stronger immune systems - resulting in less susceptibility to illness.

The link between such individual characteristics and employee productivity is thus quite clear, however what if your company could go a step further? What if you could simultaneously achieve such attributes within your staff whilst also improving workplace culture and team environment?

The answer is simple and lies at the heart of group training sessions. The group training concept is by no means a new one, military groups have been utilizing such practices for decades and it is no accident. Whilst military groups could simply allocate personal training time to soldiers and ensure fitness levels are maintained through continued assessment they have opted not to take this route and instead invested heavily in group training.

Of course it’s obvious why military groups would embark on group training sessions as opposed to individual physical activity, with teamwork being the core to successful missions and thus potentially a life saving trait. However, when we break down the key attributes of such sessions the transition to the corporate sector of military-style group PT sessions becomes evident.


Group PT is designed to integrate every member of the team and typically provides an environment where any break in the chain brings about the collapse of the activity. Such a dynamic highlights the importance of teamwork and consequently demands intra-group encouragement, planning, communication and unity to achieve – A pretty solid foundation for any company!

Mission Focus

Critical for group PT is a core understanding of the overall mission of the group as well as your role in achieving it. Similarly members soon start to recognize their own and others strengths and weaknesses. Such knowledge, as well as being humbling, is critical to fostering team culture as it requires each individual to understand and allocate appropriate tasks to skills in order to achieve the mission at hand – again a fundamental asset to any corporate group.

Healthy Competiveness

Achieving group objectives relies heavily on the efforts of the individuals within the group. No single person likes to be the cause of the groups unsuccessful mission achievement and therefore group-training sessions inspire maximal effort amongst participants. The knowledge that your intra-group colleagues are giving their all builds loyalty, trust, and accountability within the group and inspires and motivates the team to achieve more seek constant improvement – Perfect for corporate success!

So why not harness and incorporate some of the “secrets” of military group PT into your workplace? By providing your staff with as little as one 1-hour group session a week is sure to improve teamwork, communication, trust, motivation, focus and satisfaction just to name a few. Such benefits as well as a healthy and active culture within your company are guaranteed to be prosperous investment in your human capitol and with the abundance of boot camps and ex military training options available there is no excuse. There are even companies now that will bring the experience directly to your car park. I encourage all and every corporate group to trial something similar; you will be amazed by the results.

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