4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Veteran Special Operator

The U.S Army just announced a reduction in troop numbers from 520,000 troops to 440,000. That’s 80,000 specially trained and highly skilled employable Americans about to enter the workforce!

Now is the perfect time to snap up a former Special Operator as the newest addition to your permanent employment roster, and here’s why:

1.They Can Stand The Heat

Ever been in a board meeting and seen one of your key staff melt into their chair when presented with a last minute task outside their comfort zone? Special Operators (SO’s) are built for this stuff. From the near continuous abuse from SEAL instructors always demanding one more rep, to the vital, mission critical decisions made whilst under fire, Special Forces personnel know how to handle pressure, changes to the game-plan, criticism and new tasks in stride. SO’s don’t just survive in pressure situations; they thrive in them.

2.Unfailing Team players

Ingrained into each and every Special Operator is an intrinsic sense of loyalty to their leader and organisation. Loyalty becomes second nature throughout their military service via connection to their team, their company, their unit, their corps and their country. And this doesn’t just disappear upon leaving the military; Loyal employees will stand by your company through tough times and major successes, no matter what’s next.

3.Clear Focus

Many employers struggle with teams that lack mission focus and employees who know little about how their piece fits in the puzzle. ’Work zombies’ walk around and complete menial tasks, but with no real aim. Special Operations professionals exemplify mission focus and understand their role in collective efforts. SO’s also understand the intention of higher-ups (that’s you!), which gives them lateral movement initiative. Special Forces personnel have a knack for bringing people into their circle of thought and, if it’s focus you are lacking, let a Special Operator show you just how to get your staff back on track and moving in the same direction.

4.Unfair Advantage

Special Operations forces are renowned for achieving remarkable results wherever they operate. Disproportionate effects have been achieved by Special Operations around the globe, from the team of ten U.S. Navy Seals who tricked a 10,000 man division of the Iraqi Army into moving their position to respond to the ‘significant’ force, to a small, elite group of Australian Commandos who destroyed more heroin-related product in Afghanistan in three months, than their national police counter-parts had destroyed in their entire existence. Special Operators are used to having this ‘disproportionate’ effect on their competitors. Translating to an employee that will stand out, achieve better results, and just be more awesome in general.

A highly adaptable, impeccably trained group of Americans are about to enter the work force. With unique skillsets, unparalleled team mentality, and exemplary drive, Veteran Special Operators can’t get much more employable. When will one be joining your team?

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